Michael Bartscherer, board member and former head of Martha’s Table, discussed current programs across DC that the non-profit is delivers. As an organization that has served DC’s neediest children since 1980, Martha’s table has grown organically over the years in the U-Street neighborhood. With the arrival of its new CEO, Patty Stonesifer, the organization has re-focused its efforts with quality programming and expansion into new communities where it can make the biggest impact. These programs include Healthy Start, providing food and education to pre-K children; Healthy Connections, which serves 70 children and over 100 adults in developing social capital (building support connections to better understand education, family and community advancement); and Healthy Eating, a program that is set to address food deserts in DC.
An aggressive expansion of the Healthy Eating program is planned for Wards 7 and 8. This includes establishing pop-up grocery markets and providing meals across 13 community centers and 44 area elementary schools. In addition to funding, Martha’s Table is seeking volunteers to assist in market preparation and food distribution. They hope to build a pool of volunteers to operate these markets on a monthly basis. If you are interested in volunteering, check out www.marthastable.org