On July 1st, the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill and the Rotary Club of Dupont Circle shared an outstanding evening.  We began our 2012-13 Rotary year with the installation of our new officers and board members.  We were hosted by Jimi Thompson III, a charter member of the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, at the historic National Capitol Bank.  An aura of excitement and expectation filled the room.

President Greg Roberts set as his main goal to grow the club to 35 members.  This would be a net gain of 10 members.  The Membership Committee joins Greg and the Board of Directors in challenging our members to take the Rotary Membership Challenge.  This year, our members are invited to take part in two activities designed to help us remember why we joined Rotary, what keeps us coming back, and why others should join.

First, we are invited to take the Rotary Membership Challenge.  With this, each of us will commit to sponsor a new member, tell a friend or colleague about our club projects or volunteer to serve as a mentor to prospective or new members.

Second, participate in the first-ever Rotary Moment Tweet Day on August 14th.  Let’s tweet about our favorite Rotary memory or event, talk about our club activities, or share one of our community service projects (i.e., the upcoming Book Bag or Dictionary Project).  For those of us who are not on Twitter, for Rotary’s sake, create a Twitter account and post your first tweet.

Your Membership Committee members are David Falke, Susie Komornik, Mark Evans, and Phil Viles.

Barbara Carter
2012-13 Membership Committee Chair