Dr. Robert Karlberg returned to RCCH's meeting to discuss "How You Can Improve Your Spouse's Picture of You" in the context of conflict resolution. Dr. K specializes in providing professionals, entrepreneurs, and dual-career couples with tangible, fast-acting strategies to end negative interactions, reduce tension, and reestablish closeness. Dr. K conveyed his insights on the Interactional Cycle, which is rooted in relationships' "thoughts - feelings - actions" dynamics, focusing on five tactics that can be learned to manage intimate relationships. 
Dr. K's insights are reflected in his 21-Day Relationship Turnaround and focus on developing skill sets related to: 1) Empathic listening, 2) Split-screen listening, 3) pressing the Pause Button, 4) creating Emot.Intel and 5) receiving Feedback. To learn more, contact DrK@21DayRelationshipTurnaround.com. Thank you, Dr. Karlberg, for your insights.