As one of the six areas of International focus for Rotary International, education is a very important part of making our world better and achieving world peace. Did you know that 15% of the world’s population lacks basic literacy skills? 13 million children in developing countries alone are not in school and not learning to read. 500 million women are illiterate worldwide, which makes up two-thirds of the adult population that cannot read.

Rotary International has a Literacy Resource Group that connects Rotarians with the tools they need to promote literacy at home and abroad. Another great tool is “Every School a Star.” This literacy tool kit was developing by Rotary International and the International Reading Association. It is a downloadable kit to help clubs select and implement projects that will meet literacy needs in your schools and communities.

The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill participates in the dictionary project, mentoring our children in schools, as well as gathering and sending books to children in faraway countries where they are non-existent. As we try to “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity” let us join together to educate the least privileged among us.