Todd Turner, Chief Membership Officer at Meals on Wheels Association, shared the non-profits priorities and goals with RCCH members. There are 1065 member organizations within this nationwide organization with 5 in DC. Their network of support extends to over 3500 partners in local communities. The MoW Association provides members with education programs, webinars and annual events. In addition, the association provides members with grants and publicity support. 
Meals on Wheels is seeking to do the following: 1) Shore up Federal funding, 2) fully understand the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on its members, 3) continue research associated with seniors' health including mental health benefits on human interactions and dollar savings to Medicare, 4) continue to seek dollar savings to members through discounts on food, office, cars and fuel, 5) provide grants with Subaru partnership ("Share the Love") and "March for Meals", and 6) launch a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of youth to understand that seniors are active and delightful persons to develop a friendship with. The goal is to encourage younger people to volunteer their time with seniors.