It is Malaria season in Africa!

Donate now and contribute to our Project Bite Malaria Back in Yirimadjo, Mali

Project Bite Malaria Back is this year’s Rotary Club of Capitol Hill’s signature international project and part of the Future Vision Pilot Program, a three-year test of The Rotary Foundation's new, streamlined grant structure, is underway.

Why malaria?

 Every year more than  a 880,000 people, 85% of them infants and children under 5  in sub-Saharan Africa die from Malaria. In Yirimadjo, Mali in West Africa, more than 3,000 cases of malaria were reported in 2009, and the number of unreported cases is likely much higher. Freeing the world of this widespread killer is no easy task. But Rotary Clubs in Africa, North America and Europe have been doing their part and we need your help to scale up their efforts.


Project Bite Malaria Back is a collaborative endeavor led by the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill in collaboration with several clubs in the Washington Metropolitan area and the Rotary Club of Bamako-L'Amitie, Mali with the sponsorship of District 7620 and 9100 (West Africa) in support of Project Muso’s Community-Based Malaria Prevention Program, a grassroots, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in Yirimadjo, Mali with a proven track record fighting and preventing malaria.


The Community-Based Malaria Program gains its strength by employing locally trained and well-supervised community health workers, partnering with established health delivery systems (in coordination with Mali’s Ministry of Health) , and mobilizing the community to run the program. The specific project aim is reduce child mortality by:

    • 85% of pregnant women and under-5 children sleeping under treated bed-nets;
    • 85% of under-5 children receiving malaria treatment within 24 hours of symptom onset;
    • 85% of pregnant women receiving two doses of malaria prophylaxis.


What would we like to achieve?

1.      Deliver life-saving malaria and primary care medications, health care visits, laboratory analysis, and clinic services such as IV therapy and blood transfusions at no cost to 3,076 of the poorest community members affected by malaria in Yirimadjo, Mali and other serious illnesses.

2.     Provide insecticide-treated long-lasting three person bed-nets to children under five and pregnant women to protect them against mosquito bites which cause malaria, thus protecting up to 3,000 vulnerable people. Each net can protect up to 3 people against mosquito bites which cause malaria

3.     Ensure that pregnant women in the community receive SP malaria prophylaxis, a medication that prevents malaria during pregnancy.


How can you help?

 There are 3 ways you can help achieve our goals:


1.      Make a Donation at or by check (details below) anywhere from $10 to $ 1,000.

         $ 20 can provide 2 insecticide-treated long-lasting three person bed-nets to children under five.

         $ 25  can help save a pregnant mother’s life and her fetus from dying from malaria.

         $ 100  can help prevent and treat malaria of a medium size family during malaria season.


2.     Email this story to your family, friends and colleagues so they can contribute too.


3.     Post a message in your Facebook Wall saying Malaria Season in Africa: Donate Now! and the link to

Key Contacts

Maria Nelly Pavisich, Malaria Project Lead,

Colin Holmes, Future Vision Committee Member,

Sean McAlister, Future Vision Committee Member,

James Thompson III, Future Vision Committee Member,


Check Donations

Made checks payable to: RCCH Foundation Future Vision , Memo: Malaria Mali. Please send  check to: James Thompson,

Rotary Club of Capitol Hill, c/o National Capital Bank, 316 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20003


To learn more about Project Muso's work, visit
To learn more about malaria, visit