Posted by David Sterling on Oct 15, 2017
Cliff Lewis, Executive Director of USVETS (the nation's largest veterans support organization), shared the history of his organization and growth within DC. He and Jasmine Owens, outreach coordinator, spoke of the progress they have made in establishing a 85-veteran capacity transition facility in Southeast DC. (150 Wayne Street SE). This facility enables US Vets to provide a means to get Veterans off the streets of DC and moving towards a more stable living situation. The organization also provides wrap-around support services and programs to keep Vets on the road to independent living. Their greatest success has been finding and securing permanent housing via subsidies with local and federal funds.
US VETS is looking to raise funds to expand their Case Management support services and is open to partnering with Rotary. If you are interested in seeing the USVETS facility or discussing how you can help, please contact Cliff Lewis at