Many thanks to all our volunteers - Club President Polly Binns, Barbara Carter and husband Vernell, Matt Vines, Bryan Schaaf, Jimmy Thompson. and Kathy Beckman.
The Orr Elementary staff was easy to work with and appreciated our efforts this morning.  We would like to find out what other needs they may have during their school year where we might partner. 
Thanks to Janeen Haase for the initial idea and getting everyone registered for DC Pubic Schools Beautification 2010.  We missed you, Janeen - come home from Zambia soon.
We arrived around 8:30am, thanks to drivers Polly and Matt.  The school principal, Michele Edwards, greeted us and thanked us for our help and support for this DC public elementary school with almost 300 students ages 3 (early childhood) through 5th grade.  We got right to work. Polly led the gardeners out to an interior courtyard/playground, where she, Barbara, Vernell, Matt, and Jimmy pulled out several bags of weeds, uncovered colorful tiles, and planted flowers.  They were hardly finished before families from the community asked if they could come out and play in the renovated space - Jimmy said, "Go for it."  Principal Edwards said the playground's new look "makes my day."  Meantime, Bryan thought he was going to paint, but alas, no paint brushes appeared to go with the paint cans.  So, our enterprising Rotarian Bryan grabbed trash bags and began cleaning up debris all around the school grounds - it kept him busy all morning, so that gives us an idea of the size of that problem.  Kathy was recruited to help Jaimee, a math teacher turned master trainer/coach, prepare boxes of "manipulatives" like shapes and base 10 blocks and math facts cards and classroom thermometers and straws deliver to the incoming elementary math teachers.  The supply closet was in disarray at first, but Jaimee had a plan, and by noon, with Kathy's help,  she said she'd accomplished her goal of reorganizing and delivery the right supplies to the right grade levels for next week.  Kathy enjoying playing with the "manipulatives" herself!