Jul 28, 2020 7:30 AM
Laura Brown, Executive Director
First Shift Justice Project

On July 28, Laura Brown, the Executive Director of First Shift Justice Project, will speak to the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill. The First Shift Justice Project is a nonprofit that helps working mothers in DC in low wage jobs to assert their workplace rights to prevent job loss and advocates for the rights of working mothers in DC. First Shift Justice Project educates and supports working parents to assert their rights before they lose their jobs or their workplace stress becomes untenable. First Shift helps parents to safely maintain their employment, their health and their family commitments. First Shift also partners with hospitals, medical clinics, nonprofits, and other community groups to provide Know Your Rights presentations that educate medical staff, pregnant women and new parents about legal rights in the workplace. First Shift’s Executive Director, Laura Brown, will join us to discuss First Shift’s mission, its work in our community, the experiences of its clients, and opportunities for engagement for community members. For instructions on how to attend the meeting virtually, please contact RCCHInfo@gmail.com.