The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill raises money to help eradicate the deadly mosquito-borne Polio virus, during Barracks Row’s Fall Festival in September 2012

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill raised more than $300 in donations for bottled water to help Rotary International fight the Polio virus. The Rotary Club did this by participating in Barracks Row Main Street’s annual street festival, Barracks Row Fall Festival.

This year’s event saw more than 7,000 people in attendance for the one-day event, which helped the club sell more bottle water for Polio eradication this than in years past.  According to Sharron Bosworth, Director of Barracks Row, “our neighborhood is shifting from being and undiscovered treasure hidden deep in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol to becoming a well-regarded metro area destination with its own identity.”

The 2012 Fall Festival further reflected the Hill’s emerging sense of place by attracting a large number of festival partners and sponsor, more than 300 vendors were there. This year families with children, National’s fans, foodies, couples on dates, attendees at the book fair on the Mall and anyone who was checking Twitter figured out by mid-afternoon that something unusual was going on here and got themselves to 8th Street, SE, for a visit. And those who journey to see the famous Barracks Row Petting Zoo were greeted in the next stall (stall – no pun intended), the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill. 

The Club’s placement next to the Petting Zoo was a windfall for visitors to the Rotary Club’s booth.  According to past Club President, Susie Komornik, the club showing at the annual Fall Festival as a success as “ we made some good connections for prospective members and provided attendees with a better understanding of what Rotary is all about.”

The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill owes a big thanks to Greg, Barbara, Paxton, Chuck, Julie, Susie, Anne, Cass, David, Gary, Marc, Sean, Beverly, and Dominick, all of whom made this year’s event a big success.

Next year’s Fall Festival is September 28, 2013. By then Barracks Row will have become an even bigger destination in the metro-Washington, DC area. And you can bet the Rotary Club of Capitol Hill will be ready to combat the dreaded Polio virus with more water sales at the Festival.