Former Dupont Circle Rotary member and board member, Miel Hendrickson, and her colleague, InStove CEO Adam Creighton, shared their story about growing their non-profit. Based in Portland, OR, InStove builds and sells the most efficient institutional rocket stove in the world. The stoves are targeted to the developing world, particularly African nations, where 1 in 3 people cook over open fires. Using the InStove stove, users can get 50% return on the wood or other fuels used. This amounts to saving resources -- up to 16 logging trucks worth of lumber over a 1 year period. It also significantly impacts the lifestyle of women as they no longer spend as much time gathering wood, and cook in environments that are safer and less toxic.
Having created a complementary for-profit entity, InStove now serves 27 countries and has extended its portfolio to include a water pasteurizing and autoclave capability. In addition, their Stove-in-a-Box and training services allows this technology to be taught and built in local communities. Partners such as the World Health Organization are promoting its use in relief and crisis areas. InStove is working with Rotary Clubs to utilize their product in projects affecting water and sanitation and welcomes new opportunities to apply their capability.