Posted by David Sterling on May 13, 2018
During the District conference held earlier this month Roxanne Suratgar, President elect of our club joined forces with Anand Seth and Tariq Husain to give a presentation on the importance of girls’ education highlighting not only the moral importance of giving girls equal access to education but also the economic benefits. While progress has been made in early education much still needs to be done to continue rebalancing education through high school to university and the jobs market.
A key take away was the importance not only of the large high profile projects but also some smaller projects such as transport scholarships or access to clean water which allows girls to collect water before returning home (a task which would otherwise take them away from attending school) or bathrooms with locks.... simple things with a major impact. Girls’ education is a core interest of our club which has been fund raising to provide classroom supplies to a girls’s school in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Herat Afghanistan.