Mark T. Evans (born in Washington D.C.) passions himself around the Information Technology arena.  Evans professional career might best be described as monumental followed by extremely gratifying.  Mr. Evans brings with him a vast variety of technology expertise from industry leading companies such as, Microsoft, Northern Telecom and IBM. 

Evans has been continually placed in leadership positions throughout his entire Technology Career:   A Director of Business Development, entrepreneur and technologist, Evans works to help businesses understand and use technology.  In addition to working with both computer software and hardware for more than 25 years, Mark has personally taken his own businesses and built them into million dollar enterprises. 

In addition to his technology experience, Evan’s currently holds a board position with the National Business League and is dedicated to Youth Outreach and serving on the Community Service Outreach programs and Federal Government Legislative Small Business Initiatives.


Evans attended Wesleyan College and has just recently attended and completed the Tuck Executive Education Program at Dartmouth.  Although focused in the information technology industry, Evans has developed technical education programs, consulted with national political parties regarding their data processing efforts, worked in sales and marketing and speaks professionally on a variety of technology topics. Evans has engineered his life in the Information Technology environment and currently holds Certifications in:

1.       Cisco Router Technology

2.       Microsoft Cloud Computing

3.       Sonic Wall

4.       Dell Hardware Certification

Personal Life

Evans is an alumnus of Microsoft.  Evans created the roadmap to TS2 Program and trained Microsoft partners around the country on new technologies.   Upon his department from Microsoft, Evans went on to start and partner in new business start-ups which included a VoIP company, Custom Design Build Company and a Network Infrastructure company. Evans is currently focusing on Managed Services and Technology Security.  Evans entrepreneur expertise allows him to have a vision that becomes a reality. Evans is actively involved in the Government arena and many professional business ventures. 

Evans innovative spirit continues to align his professional guidance for others.