The donations you provide as a participant in Every Rotarian Every Year, also known as the Annual Fund, makes it possible for Rotary clubs to transform lives worldwide. The Annual Fund is the primary source of funding for Foundation activities. The Annual Fund’s unique three-year investment cycle gives clubs time to plan high-impact, sustainable activities and the Foundation time to invest the contributions. These investment earnings help cover the Foundation’s administrative and fundraising expenses. Our contributions are joined with donations from other district clubs and are held at Rotary International for three years. Then, the funds are returned to the District to support matching District Designated grants. Your generous support funds local and international projects that advance The Rotary Foundation’s mission. All contributions to the fund are spent on quality Rotary projects. Help support these projects. Make a contribution today.

The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill has one of the highest contribution per member ratio in the District. It is a proud tradition we hope everyone will support. The Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative encourages all Rotary club members to help us reach our goal to support The Rotary Foundation financially each year. Rotary's: Worldwide 20102-2013 EREY fundraising goal (Annual Fund goal) is US$120 million.